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Try this, Thor! Spider-Man star flips through air like a real gymnast

British actor Tom Holland, who'll play the web-crawler in the 2017 movie, shared an Instagram shot of an impressive-looking flip on a half-constructed set.

With great power comes great ability to get air. Tom Holland, the 20-year-old British actor who'll star as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the 2017 Marvel movie "Spider-Man: Homecoming," showed he's no slouch at the kind of gymnastics twists and turns for which his character is famous.

In a video posted to Instagram Sunday, Holland is seen being coached through a stunt where he launches off a mini-trampoline and does a seriously Olympic-level flip. He makes it look as easy as getting bitten by a radioactive spider.

He not only sticks the landing, but manages to pose in a full-on superhero crouch before spinning around for a final touch.

@chrishemsworth and @bobbydazzler84 beat that!

A video posted by ✌️ (@tomholland2013) on

Mary Jane (possible spoiler!) would be impressed.

Holland couldn't resist crowing a little bit about the accomplishment. He challenged "Thor" star Chris Hemsworth and superhero stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton to match him, a sly reference to the below video of the two from a few weeks back.

But as we now know, Thor's been a little busy.