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Watch out, tech bros: Uber whistleblower Susan Fowler is now an NYT editor

Remember the Uber memo? She now has a platform to empower others like her, too.

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Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

When she broke her silence about sexual harassment and gender bias, former Uber engineer Susan Fowler brought the ride-hailing company to its knees -- and wound up on the cover of Time Magazine.

Now, the author of the infamous Uber memo is getting a potentially even bigger platform -- one which might help her empower the next Susan Fowler, too. 

This September, she's joining The New York Times as the newspaper's technology opinion editor, where she'll both commission and write pieces about "all the ways technology is shaping our culture, economy, relationships, politics and play," according to the NYT's announcement.

On International Women's Day this year, we called Fowler one of the women who most inspire us here at CNET.