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Watch now: Texting man ambushed by bear

One L.A.-area resident's encounter while texting and walking proves we all should look up a little more when using our smartphones on the go.

Bears don't like it when you text and walk.
CC Greg Hume/Wikipedia

What would you do if you unexpectedly came face to face with a bear in your neighborhood? One distracted fellow briefly asked himself that very question while composing a text.

With helicopters buzzing overhead as they followed the bear, La Crescenta, Calif., resident Vaz Terdandenyan awoke from his slumber yesterday morning due to the noise, he told KTLA.

While texting his boss saying the commotion could cause him a late arrival to work, Terdandenyan encountered the 400-pound black bear slowly lumbering toward him in the alleyway adjacent to his home. With the bear just feet away, the man turned on his heels and ran to safety.

Apparently, the bear had developed a penchant for harassing the surrounding Glendale area over the previous month, but showed no signs of aggression during the frightening encounter this week.

The video serves as a reminder to brush up on survival tips for encountering wild animals. Terdandenyan got lucky because trying to run away from a bear is highly discouraged by wilderness safety experts.

As for the bear's fate, officials tranquilized the curious animal and safely transported him to an undisclosed location in the Angeles National Forest. However, the bear's spirit -- and newfound fame -- lives on in the TheGlendaleBear Twitter account.