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Watch a NASA time-lapse video of a space freighter attaching to the ISS

The docking Cygnus freighter brought 7,600 pounds of supplies to the International Space Station.

A space freighter attaches to the International Space Station.

A time-lapse video from the International Space Station's Twitter account on Wednesday shows how a space freighter docked with the ISS last Friday.

In the video, we see how the unmanned Northrup Grumman Cygnus freighter is bolted to the ISS's Unity module, which has a port that constantly faces Earth. 

According to NASA's blog, the Cygnus brought "close to 7,600 pounds of research and supplies to the space station." That includes experiments on the immune system in space, a well as vascular aging. 

Cygnus blasted off from Virigina's Eastern Shore on an Antares rocket last Wednesday. It will stay attached until July 23, when it moves off on a nine-month mission to deploy satellites and dispose of trash by burning it up on re-entry. 

Cygnus joins four other spaceships docked at the ISS: the Soyuz MS-11 and MS-12 crew shuttles, and the Progress 71 and 72 supply freighters, all of which are Russian.

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