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Watch LeVar Burton read tweets to kids on 'Tweeting Rainbow'

In the inaugural episode of "Tweeting Rainbow," LeVar Burton explores celebrity tweets and shows us how tweets are made.

Finally, the true motivations behind actor LeVar Burton's $5 million Kickstarter campaign are starting to come to light. On a recent episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Burton unveiled a clip from his new "Reading Rainbow" spin-off "Tweeting Rainbow."

The spot includes nods to everything that made the original PBS children's series so awesome: a revamped intro theme song sung by Burton an his entourage of kids; Burton reading out actual celebrity tweets from rapper Snoop Dogg and actor Mario Lopez; and even a video field trip to learn how tweets are made.

At the end of the show, Burton told the kids to tweet out whatever they happened to be thinking, since there clearly aren't enough useless tweets in the world. One lucky kid even got a "favorite" star from Burton, who really liked the kid's suggestion that nap time should be forever.

So watch Burton and some kids learn about Twitter and read out celebrity tweets like this gem from Lopez, who was dismayed to find a zit in the center of his forehead that made him look like a unicorn. Sadly, if this were an actual show, I'd probably still watch it.

Fortunately for me (and humanity), we won't be seeing any more episodes of "Tweeting Rainbow" anytime soon, despite Burton's desire to get in a Twitter feud with Kanye West.

LeVar Burton doesn't fave too many tweets, but when he does... Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET