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Watch all Darth Vader's kills in this impressive 'Star Wars' supercut

Lightsabers, TIE fighter blasts and force-chokes are all on display in this fan-made supercut. And yes, Anakin is included too. He's worse than you'd think.

In the Star Wars universe, death and Darth are practically synonymous. But did you know the Dark Lord is only responsible for 12 onscreen kills? He actually was a much badder boy as young Anakin Skywalker -- that's Vader before he turned over to the dark side of the Force, in case you missed a movie or two.

This is the kind of information you can glean by checking out the new compilation video called "Darth Vader Kill Count" from YouTube channel Mr. Sunday Movies. There's a wide range of Darth deaths in the video, including telekinetic choking, actual choking, lightsaber slashing and TIE fighter blasting.

Included in the tally are perhaps Vader's two most memorable deaths, the lightsaber blow that ends the life of Obi-Wan Kenobi in "A New Hope" and the force-choke that dispatches Admiral Kendal Ozzel just prior to the battle of Hoth in "The Empire Strikes Back."

Although Anakin isn't technically Darth Vader, the video, posted Sunday, includes his life-ending exploits as well. By the end, there are dozens of dead (for the exact count, you'll just have to watch the video above).

This isn't the first "Kill Count" compilation put up by Mr. Sunday Movies, who would only identify himself as "James" to CNET's Crave blog. You can also catch one on Batman and Superman.

James said the Vader compilation took him about two solid day's work to put together, but that he'd been working on it sporadically for about a month.

Of course, if Vader does appear in the upcoming like some rumors hint, James will have to get busy splicing in a few more cuts, assuming the Sith Lord is still up to his murdering ways.