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Watch 'Doctor Who' cosplayer zipline off a bridge

British "Doctor Who" fan dons Tom Baker's iconic long scarf to jump off the Tyne Bridge to raise money for a children's charity.

Hold on to your jelly babies! Watch this "Doctor Who" cosplayer jump off a bridge for charity. Chris Younger

Dressed as the Fourth Doctor as played by Tom Baker in "Doctor Who," cosplayer Andrew Younger ziplined from the top of a UK bridge Saturday to raise money for charity.

Though Younger had to wear a helmet instead of Baker's signature floppy hat, he still donned the full suit, complete with the extra-long stripped scarf.

"Everyone seemed to think it would look better without the jacket and at first I thought I was going to have to lose the scarf as well," Younger told Crave. "Luckily the health and safety guy agreed that it just wouldn't be 'Doctor Who' without it and we managed to secure the scarf within the harness. I think he was a fan."

Channeling the Fourth Doctor, Younger remarkably stayed in character even while jumping off the Tyne Bridge. "I managed to sort of half scream and bellow, 'Would you like a jelly baby?'" Younger told Crave. "You can hear the terror in my voice on the video! Ha!"

This innovative and daring stunt has paid off, considering Younger has met 74 percent of his initial goal of raising $1,000 for Tiny Lives, a charitable trust that helps to care for more than 700 premature or sick babies and their families every year.

"Those who get it and the work of charity seem to love the idea and are right behind it," Younger told Crave. "Even though it is a local charity many people outside and around the world have supported me. Donations kept coming on the day and I couldn't keep up to thank everyone! Whovians rock!"