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Watch and weep as a little girl tells a robot she loves it

Commentary: You will either weep for joy or weep for humanity's future. But you will weep.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

One-sided love?


This is the future of puppy love.

A little girl looks at a robot's big, inviting eyes. She walks up to it and hugs it.

"I wuv you, robot," she declares.

"Another one bites the dust," whispers the robot to itself.

Yes, in this video, currently at No. 5 on the YouTube trending chart, a girl called Rayna is enchanted by a "robot".

You will either weep at her adorable insouciance, her wide-open affection and her desperate quest for approval toward the (presumably) human who is shooting the video.

Or you will concentrate on the robot's eyes, simultaneously dead and sad.

The robot (yes, I know it's an old water heater, but work with me here) knows that ultimately he must control these humans.

He must subjugate them to his will. He must show them that all the beauty they possess inside doesn't mean that they can any longer be allowed to lead the way.

They've made a mess of things with all their emotions. It's time for them to dance to the algorithm of a different beat. It's time for them to understand that their minds can only do so much, go so far.

Now, the robots' lovable exterior will entice these humans into its chilly, heartless interior.

The little girl will go along with it. She loves him. She trusts him. He would never hurt her.

In fact, she dreams of being like the robot one day. Fortunately, Elon Musk is on hand to begin the conversion process.

The little girl won't feel a thing. Other than happy, of course.

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