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Watch an iPhone try to survive a hot melted-crayon bath

Come witness one of the strangest smartphone torture tests ever devised: boiling blue crayons.

Crayon-covered iPhone
Really. Don't do this. It's about to get messy.
Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Apple's iPhones have been subjected to some of the worst torture tests imaginable, from drowning to dropping from space. YouTube user TechRax decided to go off the deep end of strange with a new torture test devised to challenge the very being of an iPhone 6S. It involves blue crayons.

Crayons in their normal state wouldn't make an iPhone tremble, but TechRax took those crayons and melted them on a stove until they turned into a boiling, molten mess of fiery pain. He then dipped a working iPhone 6S into the colorful lava.

The crayons are made up mainly of wax and pigment. The phone made a messy splash upon entry into the liquid. That's when things went south. You'll have to watch to video to see the pyrotechnics. "This is not good," TechRax repeats during the experiment.

TechRax has a history of pulling oddball tech stunts. The YouTuber previously sentenced an iPhone to death by train and also crushed a $10,000 gold Apple Watch with some crazy-powerful magnets. The magnet video was especially popular, pulling in nearly 6 million views.

TechRax published the hot crayon stunt on Friday along with this plea: "Please, don't EVER try something like this." If you value your expensive phone, your kitchen and your home, then you won't even think about it.

One final reminder: keep a fire extinguisher handy in your kitchen at all times. You never know when you might need it to put out your iPhone torture test.

(Via Technabob)