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Watch an iPhone 5 become an iPad Mini

This concept video shows how the two most anticipated iDevices could actually be one and the same using a little-known technology.

Aatma studio imagines an iDevice that stretches the boundaries of a regular iPhone.
Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

What if the iPhone 5 and the rumored iPad Mini are actually the same device?

I'll wait while you pick the pieces of your exploded brain up off the floor so we can continue.

If your mind isn't already totally blown, then you might want to strap on some cranium protection before watching the below video, which features an iPhone 5 concept (the latest in a line of fan designs) that imagines the use of something called "rubber-band electronics" to pinch and stretch an iPhone into a small iPad.

It sounds like a joke, but such technology does actually exist and academic researchers recently succeeded in creating electronic circuits that are made from liquid metals and porous polymers and can stretch to double their size.

Of course, such a device is still far from the consumer market, and it's currently being designed mostly with medical devices in mind. So it's hard to imagine that the iPhone 5 will actually stretch into an iPad (that is, unless you're the talented team behind this video, which also dreams of an iDevice loaded with wireless charging, fingerprint scanning, and an updated version of Siri that can communicate with other smart machines around the world).

Check out the entire concept video and look for the big stretch effect at the end at your own risk, especially if you haven't yet had your rubber-band skull implant installed.