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Facebook delights as woman pranks soccer-mad boyfriend with smashing results

Technically Incorrect: A Turkish woman decides to rig her boyfriend's TV so that it goes on and off during a Euro 2016 game. He loses it and smashes the TV... and a laptop for good measure. Now, 2 million people like it on Facebook.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

This doesn't end well. Rather like Turkey's two Euro 2016 games so far.

MikyBob/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Our obsessions can control us to an absurd degree.

Sports, for example.

Consider the European soccer championships currently being played in France. When your nation is defeated, you feel that loss at a depth you feel few other things.

A Turkish woman was so fed up with her boyfriend's soccer madness that she rigged their apartment so she could turn the TV on and off at crucial moments. Being a modern woman, Seda Kember also rigged a camera to record the results.

And what results.

The video is more painful than Turkey's abject 3-0 loss to Spain on Friday even though it was shot a week earlier, when Turkey lost to Croatia by a closer score of 1-0.

The man becomes agitated. He begins berating his girlfriend. He tells her -- not so nicely -- to be quiet.

He doesn't notice that she asks teasing questions, designed to upset him. Sample: "Are we winning?" (She poses that question just as the opposition scores a goal.)

Her boyfriend, Izzet Salti, had banned her from watching the game, says a Facebook update of the action posted by Kember's friend, Ceren Anelya Irreversible.

The whole thing goes askew when the TV goes off once again and Salti picks up a MacBook and throws it at the screen.

This is not advisable.

It's also not the end of the action. He then assaults the TV, as if he were a hooligan and that TV was a fan of his mortal enemy.

Both the MacBook and the TV look unlikely to survive.

Rather like Turkey in Euro 2016.

Naturally, I wondered whether this was all a setup. My Turkish connections, however, tell me they believe it's real.

I couldn't find a contact for Kember. Neither friend nor boyfriend responded to requests for comment.

So we are left with a cliffhanger. Is the couple still together? What happened to the TV? To the laptop?

Meanwhile, the video has enjoyed more than 2 million views on Facebook.

Both Turkey and Croatia are being threatened with sanctions. I'm sure you'll never guess the reason.

Yes, the behavior of their fans.

Turkey's next game is against the Czech Republic on Tuesday.

You've been warned.