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Watch TV anchor wipe out on scooter, end up in ambulance

Commentary: Technology and TV don't always see eye to eye. In the case of this Fox TV anchor, though, her eye collided with some tech.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

This isn't easy.

Peter Chacona/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

They do it for us.

They bare themselves before us, sometimes in the early hours, just to make sure that we get some entertainment in our lives.

These are the intrepid anchors of local TV.

Sometimes, though, things go wrong. Here's Lisa Breckenridge of Fox 11 in LA. On Tuesday's "Good Day LA," she jumped on an electric scooter while her co-anchor read out its capabilities.

These included going 25 mph. What a perfect Christmas gift. Breckenridge mounted it gingerly. She tried to make sure she understood the controls.

Then off she went. Or, it seemed, off it went. Breckenridge's joyride was soon devoid of Christmas cheer.

She lost control, smacked into a TV monitor and then tumbled to the floor.

"Oh, my face!" she cried.

Oddly, not everyone seemed too concerned. Her co-presenter zipped along on a similar scooter in the opposite direction, round and round the studio.

Still, at least a couple of her co-workers did come over to help. Soon, she was alerting viewers that she was all right. On Instagram, naturally, where she posed in an ambulance with a rather fetching member of the LA Fire Department.

Morning TV is inherently dangerous. Who can forget the Polish presenter who trusted an illusionist to pretend to drive a nail into her hand? He drove a nail into her hand.

Please, morning TV anchors, be extra careful with gadgets at this time of year. Who knows what might happen?