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YouTube loves man using flying kick to get stolen phone back

Commentary: In China, video shows a trucker retrieving his stolen phone by drop-kicking the alleged thief, who was escaping on a motorbike.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Talk to the foot.

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Taking the law into your own hands rarely produces results.

What about taking the law into your own feet?

In China, a truck driver settled on somewhat dramatic measures to retrieve his stolen phone. In an incident originally reported on, the trucker was sitting in his cab when a man knocked on the door. The driver, according to Mashable's translation, said he thought the man was delivering the goods he was waiting for.

The driver said he called his boss to check whether this was, indeed, a delivery. At this moment, the thief snatched his phone and sped off on a motorbike.

Some time later, the truck driver spotted the biker. And that's when he chose to confront him. Thankfully, all the action was caught on closed-circuit TV and subsequently uploaded to various parts of YouTube.

Here, for example. And here.

The videos were posted around Christmas time and more than 2 million people have already been enthralled by the sight of the truck driver standing in the middle of the road as the biker speeds toward him.

He then channels his inner Bruce Lee -- not a great version, but spiritually passable -- and fells the biker with a little kung fu kick.

The biker is so stunned that he meekly gives the phone back to the trucker.

It's not wise to enact justice this way. In the case of this proto-Bruce Lee, he could have seriously injured himself, the biker and anyone else coming down the road.

Moreover, phone manufacturers have introduced security measures to ensure stolen phones can be quickly disabled.

This doesn't mean that phone theft isn't still a problem. Recent footage from a San Francisco Apple store shows that phone thefts sometimes even happen en masse.

But look at how the staff react. They do nothing. Sometimes, doing nothing really is the best thing you can do.