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Watch a Dalek get blown up in super-slow motion

It's oddly satisfying to watch a Dalek, the Doctor's most hated enemy on the BBC's long-running sci-fi series "Doctor Who," get exterminated in super-slow motion.

Daleks are among the Doctor's most deadly foes on the long-running BBC sci-fi series "Doctor Who," so it's only fitting the Time Lord tries to destroy or otherwise best them every chance he gets.

The Doctor would therefore love this short video posted to the official "Doctor Who" YouTube channel on Wednesday. It shows one of the human-exterminating cyborgs exploding in slow motion so a time traveler can really savor the experience. In the clip, the Dalek's eyestalk flies off its body as the creature is blown to bits from the inside out.

The clip is intended to show some of the special effects from the series in an effort to promote the upcoming official "Doctor Who" Festival that takes place in London in November.

At that event, Danny Hargreaves and his team at UK-based Real SFX will demonstrate how they put together the special effects for "Doctor Who," including an interactive area where attendees can try the machines out for themselves.

"Doctor Who" season 9 continues on Saturday in the US and UK, and on Sunday in Australia, with episode 4, "Before the Flood." In it, we'll hopefully learn how the Doctor is going to be able to get out of the mess he found himself in at the end of episode 3.