Wastelander Panda releases first episodes online

The Aussie-made post-apocalyptic show starring a giant panda has released the first three episodes on its website.

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The Aussie-made post-apocalyptic show starring a giant panda has released its first three episodes on its website.

We were tremendously excited back in October to see the preview for the unusual, independently created sci-fi show Wastelander Panda — especially given that it's coming from a local studio.

Slated for a release early this year, the show is a little behind schedule — but the first three episodes are finally online.

Wastelander Panda, set in an apocalyptic wasteland, tells the story of the giant panda Arcayus and the human Rose. As far as we know, Arcayus is the last of his kind. Rose, who had been rescued by Arcayus' brother Isaac as a child, seeks Arcayus out after Isaac's murder and the pair set out on a quest for vengeance.

Along with some of the best Australian films, it deals with themes of savagery and a wild, hostile land — Wake in Fright, The Proposition, Wolf Creek and even Mad Max. Arcayus and Rose are strangers in a strange land — nothing is on their side, everything is their enemy.

Emotionally tense and evocatively filmed, redolent with brutality, and a core of kindness and fellowship beneath it all, Kung Fu Panda it ain't.

The three episodes, ranging between eight and 16 minutes, can be watched for free on the Wastelander Panda website. Do yourself a favour and give it a shot. In fact, just to make it easier for you, we've embedded the first episode below.