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Wash away the dark side with Star Wars shower heads

Get rid of dirt (and Rebel soap scum) by getting clean with Darth Vader and R2-D2 novelty shower accessories.

Look into Darth Vader's eyes when you want to wash away Rebel scum. Bed Bath & Beyond

If you're a Star Wars fan and you want to prove your dedication in every room of the house, it's difficult to find just the right decor for your bathroom.

After all, a Sarlacc Pit toilet doesn't suit everyone's design aesthetic.

But with these specialty Star Wars shower heads by Oxygenics (available from Bed Bath & Beyond), you can give your bathroom a much-needed dose of geek chic.

It's useless to resist the power of the wet side with the Darth Vader handheld shower head. But be warned: the three spray settings may seem slightly disturbing at first, especially since it looks like Vader is crying explosive tears or spitting demands at you about his precious Death Star.

Who knows, maybe staring into Vader's soulless eye sockets will wake you right up in the morning.

R2-D2 sprung a leak to keep you clean. Bed Bath & Beyond

The shower head has a rubber grip designed to reduce slipping. It's black (of course), has anti-clog nozzles and is 6 inches (15 centimeters) in diameter. It's attached to a hose that measures 6 feet (182 centimeters) in length. It costs $30, £21 or AU$43, with shipping more expensive outside the US.

If you'd rather represent the light and frothy side of the Force, you can choose an R2-D2 shower head. This droid also has three powerful spray settings and anti-clog nozzles. But, unlike the handheld Vader, it has a fixed-mount design.

The R2-D2 shower head is 4 inches (10 centimeters) in diameter and you can take it home for $25, £17 or AU$36. Shipping will be more expensive outside the US.

No matter which showerhead you choose, just remember: wash or wash not, there is no dry.