Warner Bros.' dual-format disc delayed

Total HD, announced at CES this year, was supposed to appease next-gen DVD fence-sitters. Now Warner Bros. says the dual-format discs are going to be pushed back from mid-to-late 2007 until early next year.

Erica Ogg Former Staff writer, CNET News
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Erica Ogg

Total HD, the Warner Bros. solution to the Blu-ray/HD DVD face off for high-def home video supremacy, won't be rolled out in late 2007 , a Warner Bros. official said Wednesday.

The first discs, which will feature Blu-ray on one side and HD DVD on the other, will not appear until early 2008, according to Dan Miron, the studio's vice president of sales and planning, who made the comments at an entertainment business conference in Los Angeles.

The studio didn't provide further details, other than to say that it wants to avoid confusing customers further by putting yet another format on retail shelves. Warner Bros. believes that waiting a few more months doesn't make the dual-format disc "any less viable," according to a studio spokesperson.

But with the way things have been going for HD DVD, will a Blu-ray/HD DVD union even be necessary by January? This proposed format marriage may end up like an engaged couple that keeps pushing the wedding date back, but never actually gets around to tying the knot. We shall see.