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Want your face in Lego? There's an app for that

Creating Lego masterpieces no longer requires money, skill, or creativity. iPhone users can now download a free and officially licensed app that creates them from your photos.

Admit it, you've often wondered what you'd look like if someone were to build you out of Lego blocks. Unless you're a celebrity (or a famous, inanimate object) chances are slim someone's gone through the expense and effort to do so. With a firm grasp on your inner desires, Lego has come up with an iPhone app called Lego Photo that re-creates the multicolor, brickscapes based on any photo you've taken, or have stored on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

All you have to do is pick a photo from your library, or snap one with the iPhone's onboard camera. The app then has you touch the screen to turn it into a bricked masterpiece. Tapping it again and again bathes it in alternate color schemes, as well as using a neat wave effect that rolls out the new colors over the old ones. Once done, users can then save the masterpiece back to their photo roll in 840x560 resolution.

While the app is devilishly simple, the Lego fanboy inside of me yearns for a few things in future updates. For one, I'd love to see an actual menu to pick out color schemes. It's often only after refreshing a color scheme twice or more that I want to go back to an older one, which the app does not allow. It would also be great to get it to include more than one size of Lego block into the mix, as the current scheme uses nothing but tiny square bricks.

Here's one I made:

Lego Photo turns any photo into a shot made up of tiny square Lego bricks. Josh Lowensohn/CNET