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Want to migrate from Lotus/Domino? Open-Xchange makes it easy

Open-Xchange is making it easy to migrate from IBM's Lotus/Domino. Salvation is in sight.

Open-Xchange has announced the Domino20X tool to enable easy migration from IBM's Lotus/Domino to the open-source messaging and collaboration program, Open-Xchange. With all due respect to IBM, Lotus/Domino is (or was - I haven't had to use it since 2001) a (very) heavy messaging system that feels very Big Company and 1980s. Maybe it has become better since I last used it. For anyone other than a 100,000-person enterprise, however, migration may well be on the cards:

Open-Xchange and Pavone have developed a tool, Domino20X, to make it easier for administrators to convert from IBM's Lotus/Domino to the open source Open-Xchange groupware server. The tool, which has been developed as part of a technical collaboration between the two companies, extracts user data, e-mails, contacts, calendar entries and tasks from Domino servers (from version 7) and feeds it into Open-Xchange Server 5.

This is a good move for an open-source company. Make migration simple or, at least, simpler, as enterprise software is rarely simple. Kudos to the Open-Xchange team.