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Want to live in a Tardis? Try this real estate site

Australian real estate Web site RealEstate.com.au has a Tardis up for sale, but you might want to get in fast, before the site takes the listing down.

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Michelle Starr
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Your new abode? Screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET

Everyone who's ever watched "Doctor Who" has one thing in common: that covetous feeling when regarding the last Time Lord's residence-cum-conveyance, plus time-and-space transporter, the Tardis.

A joke listing on RealEstate.com.au is therefore the height of cruelty.

"A vintage icon, this London import with a talent for reinvention has multi-generational appeal. Its one owner (who insists it isn't stolen), is considering retirement after 50 years in residence, so is reluctantly offering it to a worthy occupant," it reads. "Often renovated, its rooms are ever-evolving and can sometimes have a mind of their own, but have been known to include: console room, library, regeneration suite, swimming pool, dog kennel, cloister room, holding ring, alien artifacts, and walk-in closet."

The property is being offered by a realtor going by the name of The Master at estate agency Master Realty, Lannister and Lannister in Errinundra, Victoria. The property is roomy, with 10 bedrooms and 10 parking spaces (but only one bathroom). Price and location (somewhere in Sydney, not Earl's Court Road, London after all) are available on application.

The reason we know it's fake, though, is the phone number: 00 0000 0000. There's no 00 area code in Australia! Just kidding. We know it's fake because there's no such place as Errinundra.

You can check out the listing here, though we suspect it won't remain live for long -- unless it's a stunt by the Web site to drive traffic, in which case, mission accomplished.

We've grabbed a screenshot below for posterity.

Screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET Australia
(Source: Crave Australia)