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Want to humiliate your smartphone? Here's how

If you're looking to embarrass your iPhone or BlackBerry, has a few good ideas. What about a two-pronged stylus on a lanyard, for example?

Phone Fingers
"Phone Fingers may lead to increased targeting by bullies," notes
Phone Fingers

You could embarrass your iPhone by loading it up with any number of the programs on our 10 absurd new iPhone apps list, or its sequel, 10 (more) absurd iPhone apps. Or you could just pick up a set of Phone Fingers, digit-protecting rubber sleeves that look like "miniature prophylactics" and may make users "resemble crazed janitors."

For that matter, why not just attach some kitschy phone charms by Mobi Products? They "don't really serve any purpose beyond signifying that a mobile device belongs to a 13-year-girl--or an irreparably confused adult."

Those descriptions come courtesy of business technology leadership site, which has put together an amusing photo gallery of the 14 silliest smartphone accessories around.

Maybe if Fido chews on the Petberry, it'll curb his urge to to chomp on your BlackBerry.

Among Al Sacco's picks of ridiculous smartphone and smartphone-inspired products are Razrwire sunglasses, which come with a clunky Bluetooth headset attached; LM Technologies' Bluetooth bracelet, which vibrates whenever a call comes through; and the "Petberry," a rubber toy for canines that will "make your dog look as important to his friends as he is to you," according to the text that accompanies the 5-inch product on

Nor is Sacco (grouch!) too fond of the dangly BlackBerry earrings we wrote about earlier this week and happen to think are pretty cute.

All in all, though, we have to agree with most of Sacco's selections. After all, how many people really need a submersible BlackBerry bag or a strange-looking fork-tongued stylus that hangs from a lanyard?