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Want fries with that? The best cooked tech

Photographer Henry Hargreaves' pics of cooked hardware beg the question: what's eating consumers?

The greasiest, most saturated iPhone yet.
Henry Hargreaves

Consumer gadgets can be very addictive. Almost as addictive as french fries, onion rings, and anything else you can cook in hot oil. Even the gadgets themselves.

Photographer Henry Hargreaves has captured our insatiable hunger for new technology with a series of startling images of deep-fried electronics. We already knew we were digital junkies, but these images don't go down so easily.

What looks like a well-cooked iPhone might trigger a Pavlovian salivating response in some. And why not chomp down on that fried Game Boy?

"I like to play with food and the juxtaposition of different worlds," says Brooklyn-based Hargreaves, whose inspiration came from gadget-hungry Japan.

"I found a video of some Japanese kids trying to deep-fry a PSP and eat it; it didn't work and they made a mess of it, but I loved the idea and thought it could be expanded and photographed in a beautiful way," Hargreaves told Crave. "Also, I see similarities between tech culture and fast food. Quickly devoured and then discarded."

The Japanese video shows several young people making PSP tempura and gagging on it amid the nauseating fumes. Kids, you don't want to try that at home.

"I'm not rich enough to buy and destroy the electronics," Hargreaves says, "nor did I want to find out what happens to a lithium battery when it goes in 400 F oil, so I recreated each product from foam core and we went to town on them! I just hope there is something that puts a smile on the viewers' faces."

Indeed, the foam-core electronics look revolting enough. After seeing photos of scorched Apple hardware, it's a good thing Hargreaves didn't cook the real thing.

But the New Zealand native, known for his enthusiasm for breasts and quirky food photos, has highlighted our appetite for digital junk in stomach-churning fashion.

After all, like a large order of fries, that shiny new iGadget might quench a temporary craving, but is it really satisfying?

(Via Cool Hunting)