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Wampa-head wall trophy shows off Jedi craft skills

Crafty "Star Wars" geeks build a frightening wall-mounted wampa head for $20. Making it doesn't even require traveling to Hoth and dismembering a big toothy animal.

Wampa head on display
This will probably terrify your pets.
Our Nerd Home

Wampas are ill-tempered beasts. They enjoy hanging out in ice caves on Hoth and attempting to eat young Jedi. They can be defeated if you are quick on your feet (or while dangling upside-down) and have mastered at least the basic skills of using the Force. Once the wampa is overcome, its head can be used as a nice decoration above your fireplace.

Our Nerd Home, a site for nerdy home projects, put together a tutorial for a DIY wall-mounted wampa-head trophy using just $20 of material. Thankfully, it doesn't involve actually traveling to Hoth and dismembering a wampa.

The head is crafted from cardboard boxes, newspaper, tape, paper towels, flour, craft glue, and (of course) white fake fur. The crafters took a paper-mache approach, which keeps both the cost and the weight down. The horns are built from rolled-up paper grocery bags covered in paper mache.

The white fake fur is what really makes the piece sing (or growl). It manages to look both pettable and frightening at the same time. If you had any doubt the fictional creature could pull your limbs off, you only have to look at the funky yellow teeth to be assured of its danger.

If the new movies venture into Luke Skywalker's personal home, I certainly hope one of these wampa heads is visible in the background, hanging menacingly on the wall.

Wampa DIY head
Make your house look like Hoth. Our Nerd Home