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'Walking Dead' town for sale on eBay, zombies not included

Own a piece of zombie apocalypse history for just under $1 million by buying up most of a "Walking Dead" filming location.

Walking Dead cafe scene
The episode "Clear" was filmed in Grantville. Gene Page/AMC

The city of Grantville, Ga., traces back to 1852. It has a population of about 3,000 people, and once upon a time, it was home to a mop factory. Of greater interest to the general public now is that Grantville also served as a filming location for the popular zombie show "The Walking Dead."

You can buy all sorts of "Walking Dead" merchandise, from action figures to zombie Yahtzee, but the ultimate fan collectible has to be Grantville itself. Downtown Grantville is up for sale on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $680,000 (about £447,000, AU$876,000). The listing includes nine buildings totaling around 34,000 square feet of usable space. There's a bar, pizza restaurant, loft apartments and pharmacy.

The seller, Jim Sells, is the former mayor of Grantville. If you want to up the ante, Sells will throw in two more historic buildings, raising the price to $940,000. If you buy the whole lot, you will own 90 percent of the downtown area.

For a good view of Grantville during a zombie apocalypse, watch the Season 3 episode "Clear." Certain features seen in "The Walking Dead" won't be included in the auction. There will be no "turn around and live" scrawled across the street or hastily made anti-zombie barricades fashioned from pallets and sharpened sticks. You will also need to provide your own zombies.

Grantville's town motto is "Come Grow with Us." The new owner might want to change that to something more tourist-oriented, like "Come Survive the Zombie Apocalypse with Us."

A lot of fans seem to be contemplating the purchase. Over 3,000 eBayers have the auction on their personal watch lists. The listing runs until March 26. Please note, the only shipping option is "free local pickup."

This lovely old building could be yours. Jim Sells