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'Walking Dead' flattens football season with Negan's Lucille

Sick of football? The NFL season is ending, and zombie-killing season is about to return.

It was just 15 seconds long, but for "Walking Dead" fans, they were the best 15 seconds of the weekend.

During the second half of Sunday's Super Bowl LI, an ad showed a football just sitting on stadium turf. Sitting. Waiting. Innocently hanging out.

And then. SPLAT! Lucille, the famed barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat wielded by Negan on AMC's "The Walking Dead" effectively put an end to football a few quarters early.

"Football season is over," the headline declared. "The Walking Dead returns Sunday, February 12."

And for some of us, it couldn't come too soon, especially since Norman Reedus has promised that Daryl Dixon is taking no prisoners in the new episodes.

Talk about sudden death.

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