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Wal-Mart now giving away Blu-ray movies--with an 80GB PS3

The retailer blew out Toshiba HD DVD players several weeks ago, and now counters with a deal sure to move more Blu-ray Discs this holiday.

If you thought you could escape this Blu-ray and HD DVD format back-and-forth nonsense, well, you were wrong. It's actually just beginning! This holiday season, both sides in the next-generation DVD battle are continuing to ratchet up the pressure on you lucky consumers.

Blu-ray Disc
Blu-ray Disc

Exhibit A: The folks over at Wal-Mart have followed up their boffo $98 Toshiba A2 HD DVD player with a pretty impressive overture for Blu-ray. Buying an 80GB Sony PlayStation 3 this Saturday will also get you 10 Blu-ray movies for free, as long as all the titles are below $30. (Go to the Wal-Mart holiday shopping site and click "Preview Saturday's Specials.") That's in addition to the five Blu-ray movies that Sony gives new owners with a mail-in rebate.


So, just like that, you're buying a $499 next-generation gaming console and Blu-ray has you in its format clutches to the tune of 15 titles. Sooooo sneaky, right? Well, the HD DVD team's not above such retail tactics either.

Head on over to where you'll see a Toshiba HD-A3 HD DVD player and an offer for three free HD DVD movies (you choose from a list of titles between $20 and $30). That's in addition to 300 and The Bourne Identity that come bundled with the player. Plus, Toshiba also has a mail-in rebate good for five titles.

Sheesh, it's almost tempting enough to give in and buy one...or both.