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Waking up to the weather in living color

This alarm clock gives the weather report in living color

With all due respect to the monochromatic rants of Craving colleague Caroline McCarthy, we think there's actually some use to objects that occasionally change colors, as noted yesterday with the "Luxeed" disco keyboard. Just today, in fact, we found yet another example.

This weather forecaster, according to Gizmodiva, changes colors depending on the state of meteorological affairs--something that comes in handy for those of us who like to keep the drapes fully drawn even at midday, especially after a particularly late night out. And it doubles as an alarm clock, so you don't even need to roll out of bed if the weather doesn't suit your mood (read: hangover).

It makes a lot more sense than a weather umbrella, and it's certainly a more civilized way to begin the day than the "Sonic Bomb."