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Waiting for iPhone

Gizmodo says Apple's iPhone is coming on Monday. Really.

Does anybody else think the iPhone is an elaborate hoax, an inside joke betweeen Steve Jobs and select Silicon Valley insiders designed to test the gullibility of the tech industry?

Where is Susan Powter when you need her? Gizmodo tossed a little more fuel on the iPhone fire last night with a three-sentence post entitled "Gizmodo knows: iPhone will be announced on Monday." You can read the post here, but it's so short we'll just cut and paste: "I guarantee it. It isn't what I expected at all. And I've already said too much. -Brian Lam."

This immediately provoked a firestorm of speculation as to whether Lam meant this coming Monday, December 18th, the Monday of MacWorld week, the Monday after that Monday, Monday, April 1, get the picture.

We're willing to accept that there is an iPhone, although it's doubtful that will be the actual name. Plenty of well-respected financial analysts and slightly buzzed media entreprenuers have put themselves out there with claims of an Apple-designed cell phone/iPod, and while those folks differ on the specifics, lots of people are expecting in the near future that Steve Jobs will place a call to Madonna or Bono or maybe even Jackson Browne with an Apple phone onstage in front of a packed house.

But what if this is the prank of the century? We're starting to feel a little bit like Vladimir and Estragon, waiting by the side of the road for something that might never come. Unfortunately, we've all gone a little too far down the rabbit hole to stop now. Shall we go, then?