Waiter! Didn't you see my light?

Menus that Talk recites appetizers and calls the server.

Menus That Talk

Note to restaurateurs: Eating in the dark does not equate sophisticated ambiance. If not done up right, it's just a nuisance. This nifty invention, I fear, will only encourage the below-candlelight dimness I have been coming across in restaurants lately.

Taylannas, a company out of Miami, has introduced "Menus That Talk." The DVD-size device recites the menu choices at the push of a button. The customizable device uses a different button for each category like appetizers, desserts or salads. The talking menu, which includes Braille imprinted on the buttons, also offers Spanish as an option. There is also a detachable earphone option for the hearing impaired, or for use in noisy restaurants.

A service button even pages your server. Whether they respond or pretend not to see you is another matter.

Now if only they could incorporate this device with the RFID tables for ordering drinks.