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Wait, Mark Zuckerberg tapes up his webcam?

Technically Incorrect: We're all supposed to share everything. It seems from a picture posted to Instagram that Facebook's CEO isn't so sure. It appears that he tapes up his webcam and covers up his mic jack.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Does he use Zuck tape?

Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook

Instagram now has 500 million users.

This is a time for celebration. At least, for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

After all, his company owns the site where we're desperate to share pictures of our tacos and toenails.

Zuckerberg may not be so keen to share images of himself at work.

I deduce this from the picture that he posted to accompany his joy.

He appears to be sitting at his desk, holding a frame hurriedly provided by his PR people.

But, as the deeply observant Chris Olson pointed out on Twitter, his laptop appears to have its webcam taped over. His mic jack is covered over too.

Could it be that the man who encourages humanity to share, well, everything isn't so keen on its himself?

Facebook didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

As Gizmodo noticed, the desk does bear some resemblance to a Facebook Live tour of his desk that Zuckerberg gave last September.

Yes, Facebook Live. That's the company's latest wheeze to get you to be all-Facebook, all the time.

Taping up your webcam is an excellent precaution, should you worry that someone might hack into your laptop. FBI director James Comey recommends it.

When even high schools have been accused of spying on their students at home, simple archaic methods can create some security.

In Tuesday's Facebook post, Zuckerberg pays tribute to "people everywhere who have opened a window into their world."

It appears he accepts that there are times when your windows should remains shut and the drapes tightly drawn.

I wonder if he has special Zuck tape.