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Wads: Pen and spitwad launcher combo, together at last

A designer turns his childhood obsession for making spitwad launchers into a Kickstarter project.

Wads concept
An artist's concept of Wads in action.
Ash Gilpin

Getting up to mischief could get a lot easier if the Wads Kickstarter project flies. No more hunting for straws from the cafeteria. No more disassembling complex pens just to get at the plastic barrel. Wads is made for writing. And it's made for launching spitwads.

Innovation like this doesn't come cheap. A Wads pen pledge costs $10, but it also includes a 10-pack of Wads Nerf-like ammunition, so you can target practice without having to generate your own spit-soaked paper lumps.

Ash Gilpin, the brain behind Wads, can see his creation appealing to children (who would just make their own versions anyway). "We think kids will love it. Although, schools will probably ban it. But hey, we'd take the PR," he tells Crave. He says he plans to move forward with the development of Wads whether or not the funding goal is reached.

Gilpin has been creating prototypes for Wads since childhood. He plans to turn his hacked mechanical-pencil prototype into a slightly oversize pen with a top that screws off and on to swap out ink tubes, or turn the device into a launcher. The launching process works by loading a piece of Wads ammo, pulling back the rubber band-powered launcher, and letting it fly.

Wads could be a solid low-tech addition to a cubicle wars setup to supplement your USB missile launchers. It's more portable should you need to invade a distant office. Plus, you can always use it as a pen to get real work done.