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Wacky dual-screen laptop prototype for sale

A bizarre dual-screen laptop, made by a company called Xentex.


Eagle-eyed eBay watcherslatched ontoan auction this morning for a bizarre dual-screen laptop, made by a company called Xentex. According to the eBay page, this is a semifunctional prototype, but this system was actually sold briefly in 2003, as the $5,000 Flip-pad Voyager.

It features two 13-inch screens, side-by-side, and each screen can pivot around individually, like a convertible tablet. The whole thing looks to be about the size of an HP HDX desktop replacement.


Bidding is up to $405 right now, but the auction runsuntil May 29, so there's still plenty of time. Of course, you should note this isn't exactly a system that's ready to run out of the box.

The seller says, "This was a prototype and is missing some parts but does turn on so I have no doubt someone can make this work with the right skills...The keyboard is functional and it does type and you can enter the bios but I have not been able to go past that since I do not have a hard-drive cable (which appears to be a custom cable with 1mm pitch) and I do not have a CD-ROM for the unit. I have tried to getting it to boot of an external USB CD-ROM but it would not detect that."

Buyer, as they say, beware.