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This huge new fusion reactor took 19 years to build (Tomorrow Daily 272)

Ashley discusses how a supercomputer helped design Germany's newest fusion reactor, why a Japanese filmmaker chose to cast a robot in his latest movie, and the latest updates for the robot butler concept Patin.

The W7-X is a marvel of nuclear fusion reactor engineering: With 50 massive magnetic coils making up the super-cooled cage that holds the hot gasses that make fusion possible and over 1 million hours of hard work bringing it to life, this 19-meter-wide nuclear fusion reactor is ready to generate energy in Germany. It's a Stellarator reactor, which means it's quite large, but has some advantages over the alternative, the Tokamak reactor.

Over in Japan, a film named "Sayonara" premiered at the Tokyo Film Festival, and one of its stars is a robot. Geminoid F co-stars as Leona, the lifelong companion of the story's lead character. No word on whether or not Geminoid F has an agent now, but it's fascinating to see the studio responsible for the movie treat her like every other actor in the movie on its website.

We've discussed Patin before on the show, and now, it looks like creator Flower Robotics is taking its work on Patin open source. It's a big move to allow third-party developers and hobbyists the opportunity to make attachments, apps and more with the source data, and we can't wait to see what everyone comes up with when Patin launches sometime next year.

Lastly, our spotlight on crowdfunding efforts is on all-robot band Compressorhead, who appear to be seeking funding for a fourth member of their crew. They need a robot lead vocalist, and want to record an album. The artists behind Compressorhead don't want to involve a record label, because they want to keep the music and concept from corruption, and they're asking for a hefty sum to achieve their goal.

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272: This huge new fusion reactor took 19 years to build

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