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VW's dogs bark 'Star Wars' theme to tease Super Bowl

Last year's most popular Super Bowl ad--featuring a little boy dressed as Darth Vader--is followed up this year by a teaser to the main event: dogs howling the "Star Wars" theme.

The Super Bowl, an advertising festival with men in long, tight pants performing calisthenic cabaret at various intervals, is a big-budget affair.

Often, though, it is simplicity that stands out.

Last year, it was hard not to love the little boy dressed as Darth Vader who was desperate to use to the Force to control all that crossed his gaze and finally succeeded with VW's Passat.

This year, VW has continued the "Star Wars" theme with a bunch of dogs singing the "Star Wars" theme. The "Imperial March," to be precise.

This finely honed creation features a canine choir that finds remarkable celestial harmony. It is certainly a far more potent ensemble than anything mustered by Paula Abdul on "The X Factor."

It is, though, merely a teaser.

The ad links to a Star Wars invite site that promises you will be able to see your name in stars on January 27. Yes, you can invite your friends to your Super Bowl party with a customized title crawl.

This is, apparently, just one way in which you can "feel the force of German engineering."

One can only imagine what other way VW will choose to reveal when the forces of New York and New England meet once again. (That was the Force in my head speaking, not the Force in my heart.)