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VR experience gives viewers a forest animal's POV (Tomorrow Daily 262)

Ashley discusses Magic Leap's newest intriguing video, a VR experience that allows viewers to see a forest the way various animals would and a project from MIT that could someday change how assembly lines work.

We've discussed Magic Leap's potential before, but its most recent video upload featuring a robot hiding under a desk, and a solar system hovering over someone's desktop has us curious. Magic Leap showed off the pair of augmented reality images with an intriguing "no special effects or compositing" disclaimer on the bottom. There are a lot of individual and corporate entities invested in Magic Leap, and we can't wait to finally get a glimpse at the hardware they've been teasing.

Marshmallow Laser Feast is easily the coolest name for a design firm we've ever heard of, and they recently created a VR experience for visitors to the AND (short for Abandon Normal Devices) Festival in the UK. "In the Eyes of the Animal" lets viewers look at the real-life forest they were actually standing in, but from various animal POVs (including what their actual vision would look like) with the help of a creative VR headset and visualized data.

Lastly, MIT's Tangible Media Group showed off a project that may someday change the way factories assemble products. Their Kinetic Blocks concept consists of a grid of computer-controlled "pins" that can manipulate the position of an object, meaning in the future, more precise manipulation some object assembly could happen right on the assembly line, without human interference or expensive robotic arms.

This week's Mod Squad features YouTuber Robbaz's amazing Fallout-inspired Tube Radio PC. After hollowing out a General Electric radio from the 1930's, Robbaz installed a fully functional PC build inside, complete with a simple screen where the analog station panel used to be. With Fallout 4 on its way in less than a few weeks, it's a great way for Robbaz to show his enthusiasm for the game's upcoming release.

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262: VR experience gives viewers a forest animal's POV

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