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VPNs under the spotlight, Optus too big for its breaches and mobile data gets a boost (Girt by CNET podcast 21)

VPNs might find themselves caught up in the site blocking legislation, a spate of data breaches cause Optus embarrassment and Aussie telcos start getting generous with data -- all in a special Easter podcast.

With new legislation tabled aimed at blocking sites "facilitating piracy" -- usually pronounced "the Pirate Bay" -- there are some concerned that the use of VPNs could be caught up in the dragnet.

The problem comes from some vague wording in the legislation, as well the fact the rights holders are usually pretty keen on ensuring that people don't circumvent geoblocking.

It turns out that Optus has had some clangers when it comes to data breaches, with the Privacy Commissioner disclosing details of three major data breaches from Optus over the years, with as many as 400,000 people affected. Still, it's the Department of Immigration that takes the prize, after accidentally emailing out the personal details of 31 world leaders attending the G20 summit -- to the organisers of the Asian Cup soccer tournament.

In Australia mobile data has traditionally been doled out in a stingy fashion, as if the digital purse strings were being tightly clutched by Scrooge McDuck. But with Telstra and Boost both upping data allowance, Virgin letting data rollover happen and a host of bonus data offers around the Galaxy S6, are the times a changing when it comes to your smartphone?

And talking about the GS6 and GS6 Edge, the entire Girt team is pretty impressed with what's on offer from Samsung. All that and we're still a day early for the Easter long weekend!

Girt by CNET podcast 21

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