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Voltissimo can juice your smartphone in 15 minutes

Buffalo's battery can power your mobile devices double-quick when you're on the go.

Voltissimo has two outlets for charging gadgets simultaneously.

Out on the road and your iPhone's about to die? Buffalo's Voltissimo rapid charger can fully juice it in 15 minutes.

The Japanese peripherals maker just announced the mobile battery, designed to fire up all kinds of portable devices, from cameras to tablets to Android smartphones, via USB.

Voltissimo comes in two varieties: 8,000mAH and 4,000mAH. The former can fully recharge an iPhone four times before it needs its own recharging, and the latter can do it twice.

The charger, which weighs 6.4 or 10 ounces depending on the model, has two USB outputs, and can power two devices simultaneously.

You can charge Voltissimo itself via its AC adapter (47 or 94 minutes) or with a Micro-USB cable from your PC.

It's available in Japan from next month and comes in black or white. It's not nearly as cool as using drinks to charge yourphone, but it does the job.

Voltissimo is priced at 22,260 yen ($235) for the 8,000mAH unit and 18,060 yen ($190) for the 4,000mAH model.

(Via Akihabara News)