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VoIP service Jajah gets acquired by Telefonica

United States-based communications company Jajah gets bought by telecommunications giant Telefonica Europe for $207 million.

Telefonica Europe on Wednesday announced that it has acquired voice over Internet Protocol and telephony service Jajah for $207 million in cash.

Reports of the sale and its price had begun to circulate several days ahead of the official announcement. There were also rumors of an ongoing bidding war between Cisco Systems and Microsoft, which were competing with Telefonica for the sale.

Telefonica is a business division of a company most consumers know as O2. It counts some 48.6 million customers as part of its communications business. Jajah, which has several services for consumers, also has business offerings for small business and enterprise users. Jajah says these services will continue to operate as they did before, remaining unaffected by the acquisition.