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VoicePix: Decorate with art made from your voice

Your voice may be as unique as a fingerprint. Revel in it with a customized work of art rendered from the sound of your voice (or your pet's voice).

Cat and VoicePix print
You can capture Fluffy's melodious yowl for all time.

In a world where you can walk into a store and buy the same piece of wall art as 1 million other people, it's nice to have options that are more unique than that. VoicePix is betting people will want to talk, laugh, and sing their way to a piece of art that no one else can replicate. The company takes an audio recording, generates a visual wave file, and prints it out in your choice of colors.

Though VoicePix officially launches March 26, you can get in early to play around with the product. Record into your computer microphone directly on the site or upload a file. It can take up to 48 hours for VoicePix to process your recording. After that, you can view it and choose whether to order it as a physical piece of art.

You're not required to use your own voice. You could ask your cat to meow, or you could record your dog barking at the mailman. You could use a snippet from a meaningful song, or you could give your friend a wavy image of Justin Bieber singing "Baby," but tell him it's Mick Jagger. How about Captain Picard saying "Engage"? Or your favorite James Bond requesting a martini?

If you're looking for inspiration, VoicePix has some premade prints you can browse through, such as "Beethoven's Fifth" and "I Have a Dream." If you check out that page, you'll notice a lot of the images look the same. Those prelaunch place-holder images all say, "I love you." It's probably only a matter of time before someone uses VoicePix to propose.

You can get your audio print done up in a variety of mediums, ranging from stretched canvas to a greeting card to a standard paper print. An unframed 24-by-12-inch paper print will run you $74. Canvas prints start at about $150. That's not crazy for artwork you won't ever see decorating the walls at someone else's house.

VoicePix in room
A VoicePix image can match your decor. VoicePix