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Voice control comes to Facebook, recipes

The new Firesay InPage is an attempt to broaden the reach of the voice-browsing concept. Utter a few words to snap a pic and get step-by-step cooking help.

At last, the face has taken control of Facebook--well, the mouth part, at least. Once the Firefox fans at Firesay demonstrated that hands-free browsing was possible, it was only a matter of time before the technology was co-opted by the Facebook hive mind.

The original Firesay was a Firefox extension that allowed for Google searching, limited browsing, and even launching specific Hulu videos through voice commands. The new Firesay InPage is an attempt to broaden the reach of the voice-browsing concept, albeit slowly, by offering new voice controls for Facebook and KitchenPC. Right now, the Facebook app only allows users to snap a Webcam pick by uttering a few quick words, while the other offers an introductory platform for hands-free cooking at

Firesay's Facebook Webcam app in action. Video screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

Currently, Firesay InPage is a two-trick pony with the further limitations of only being available on Chrome. You'll also want to be running Windows Vista or better.

But the start-up behind the concept is promising much more to come. Led by CEO Ehud Halberstam, who was formerly on Microsoft's Phone 7 team, the company is Nuiti, and it's not only looking to expand their roster of apps and compatible sites. There's also something in the works called Firesay VoiceAds. Here's Nuiti's pitch to advertisers on the concept:

With our patent-pending Firesay VoiceAds, users can talk with your ads, repeat your messages and better remember them. You win improved campaign performance, stronger brand awareness and invaluable information for your campaign. Your audience wins you.

Not sure how excited I am about that concept, but I am rooting for Nuiti to keep expanding its user-focused voice apps in the hopes that one day I'll be able to write these articles while perfecting my juggling routine.

Here's a quick video on InPage: