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Vista supports Pentax 'raw' camera images

Pentax releases software to let Windows Vista support 'raw' images produced by its digital SLR cameras.

Pentax has released software that lets Windows Vista read and manipulate "raw" images taken directly from higher-end Pentax cameras' image sensors without in-camera processing.

Pentax's K10D digital SLR
Pentax's K10D digital SLR CNET Networks

Microsoft announced on its photo blog the availability of the Pentax codec used to encode and decode raw images.

Raw images are popular among professionals and enthusiasts who want more elaborate control over their photography, but supporting raw formats is tough, mostly because there's largely no standard from one camera to the next. Pentax is unusual in digital SLR (single-lens reflex) camera makers in that its high-end model, the K10D, supports Adobe Systems' DNG (digital negative) format that attempts to bring some standardization to the raw image realm. The raw codec now available supports the .PEF format used in several Pentax digital SLR cameras.

Adobe and Apple write their own raw codecs, but Microsoft chose to partner with camera manufacturers to supply their own for the higher-end image-handling components in Windows Vista.

In addition, Olympus has updated its raw codec to support 64-bit versions of Windows, Microsoft said.