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Vista in your car

Azentek unveils the Atlas double-DIN PC

CNET Networks

Here's another take on Windows Mobile. The Azentek Atlas is a double-DIN system that fits into your car's dashboard and gives you all of the functionality of a Windows PC from the driver's seat. While the model on display here at CES 2007 is running XP, we're told that Atlas will ship in March with Windows Vista. The Atlas, which makes use of iMobile software, packs an Intel Core Duo processor and comes with 512MB of RAM memory and a Seagate automotive-grade 40GB hard drive. It also comes with built-in GPS with turn-by-turn navigation and maps provided by TeleAtlas. The 6.5-inch touch-screen display is controlled by a stickpoint control with right and left mouse-click capability and the touch screen. Internet connectivity is provided either by the integrated WLAN antenna, EV-DO, or GPRS uplinks.

As well as being a mobile, Web-connected PC (it will even read out e-mails and instant messages as they arrive in your in-box), the Atlas acts as a mobile multimedia player. It organizes and plays CDs, MP3s, WMAs and DVD videos, plays files from portable media players via a USB 2.0 port, and can be connected to XM and Sirius satellite radio with the help of add-on modules. A personal digital assistant also provides an integrated scheduler and address book.

Oh yeah, it also picks up AM and FM radio. What next? The Atlas will retail at about $2,200 when it goes on sale in the spring.