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Tracking all the new shows and summer blockbusters? Discuss with the CraveCast crew

Summer blockbusters and upcoming TV awesomeness are almost more to look forward to than the Crave crew can handle. Help us parse it all Tuesday at noon.

Feel like the world is taking a trip in a handbasket? Fortunately, Supergirl is on her way. Bonnie Osborne

Television's "upfronts" have just given us plenty of nerdy new TV to discuss, and the summer blockbuster season seems to be getting started in May this year.

With so many new shows and flicks out already and more on the way, the CraveCast crew has decided to dedicate some time this Tuesday at noon PT to trying to sort out whether " Jurassic World," " Avengers: Age of Ultron" and " Tomorrowland" are worth freaking out about. And will " Supergirl" fly or be banned to a cultural fortress of solitude?

There are so many new movies and shows that have caught our eye that we're still voting on which to discuss during our next live CraveCast. You can participate by letting us know in the comments below what we should discuss, and you can also tweet @crave and @EricCMack.

Then join us Tuesday to chime in. Watch the show live starting at noon PT on Tuesday, May 19, by returning to this page, where the video will be embedded below, or watch via YouTube or Livestream and join in the live chat room.

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Meanwhile, get prepped by checking out some of what we're looking forward to in the gallery below.

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