We visit the Henson Creature Shop to talk about 'Zoo' (Tomorrow Daily 200)

Ashley and Khail decide whether they'd crowdfund a holographic display for your home, discuss USC's stunning CG skin software and take a field trip to the Henson Creature Shop.

Yep, we're super bummed the SpaceX launch didn't quite go as planned, just like you. But we're holding out hope that HoloLens will still make it up to the ISS and its astronauts before the end of the year.

We're talking about some crazy holographic technology looking for crowdfunding called Holus; its creators think you need a display like theirs inside your home, and we don't disagree. It looks pretty cool; images can be viewed from all four sides of the device, and we're curious who will end up with these on their coffee table in the future.

USC has some amazing technology happening in the field of CG animation, too. They're adding a layer to computerized skin that makes it act much more like real human skin. Could this tech solve the Uncanny Valley problem that's plagued gaming and other CG applications since the beginning of computing?

It's our 200th episode today, and if you've stuck around this whole time, we can't thank you enough for putting up with us every week for the last year or so. Our commitment to a fun show continues today with a field trip to the Henson Creature Shop, where Khail discusses gorilla suits and animatronics made for the CBS show "Zoo" (disclosure: CBS is CNET's parent corporation -- but that's also why we got to go do this very cool thing!).

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200: We visit the Henson Creature Shop to talk about 'Zoo'

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