Virgin Mobile flubs up ads in NYC

Ads geared toward Upper West Side wind up in Upper East Side, and it ain't pretty.

Caroline McCarthy Former Staff writer, CNET News
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Caroline McCarthy
A Virgin Mobile ad targets the appearance-conscious 'hood of Chelsea. FishbowlNY

Advertisements are part of the landscape here in New York City (hello, Times Square) and us locals generally like to ignore them. Which is why plenty of companies are willing to bend over backwards to get New Yorkers to stop walking really fast while blasting music into their iPod headphones and, well, notice some advertisements. Virgin Mobile's one of the recent ones, having introduced a "You Rule" campaign that addresses specific groups of New Yorkers. It's been placing them in specific neighborhoods, too, in an attempt to gain buzz by delivering personalized shout-outs.

Kind of a cute idea. But unfortunately for Virgin Mobile, some of the ads have been winding up in the wrong neighborhoods. Billboards targeting the Upper West Side, typically known as an intellectual enclave, have been spotted on the other side of Central Park in the uber-highbrow Upper East Side. The funny part is, the signs read "... because up here it's not cool to be tied down and uptight. If you want to live like that, move to Greenwich [the notoriously snotty Connecticut suburb], or at least across the park." Ha ha ha ha.

Anybody know if this decked Virgin Mobile's NYC market share?

(Via FishbowlNY)