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Virgin Mobile finds its Marbls

Virgin Mobile introduces a new phone from Kyocera called the Marbl

Kyocera Marbl
Virgin Mobile

Motorola's Razr did more than spark the thin-phone revolution; it also spawned a rather annoying naming convention that drops vowels from a cell phone's name. Moto took the charge with the Slvr, the Krzr, and the Rizr but even Virgin Mobile hopped on board last year when it introduced its Oystr from Kyocera. And now Virgin twists the knife a little more with the new Marbl. Made by Kyocera, the Marbl features a simple flip-phone design with a plain, black front. There's no external display but you can get it for a very reasonable $29.99. From what we can tell, we're not exactly sure what inspired the "Marbl" name, so we'll have to wait to see it in person for a better explanation. Inside you'll find you'll find a basic feature set with a speakerphone, text messaging, and a Web browser. There's no word when it will go on sale; Virgin Mobile's Web site simply site lists it as "coming soon."