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Viral optical illusion asks if these legs are oiled or painted

Look at these legs. They are either slathered in oil or streaked with white paint. Which option do you see?


The internet loves being baffled by deceptive photographs. The latest image to make the maddening rounds is this photo of a person's legs. Depending on you how you look at it, the legs are shiny with oil or simply smeared with some strategic slashes of white paint.

Almost every time a weird viral optical illusion spreads across social media, we get comparisons to the infamous dress controversy of 2015. The Daily Dot poo-poos this analogy based on the evidence present in the photo that points to only one correct answer: "white paint."

There are paint pens in the photo. The original comes from Instagram user leonardhoespams, who seems both amused and exasperated by the sudden internet stardom.

I'll admit I absolutely thought "shiny oily" the first time I saw the image. Just a few moments of study cured me of that reaction. It's a fun but fleeting optical illusion, but it probably will never rise to the level of dissent, despair and madness that surrounded The Dress.