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Viral genius Rebecca Black back with, um, 'Saturday'

The much-maligned 14-year-old returns with a new song and video. Will it make her even more virally famous? Well, it's already garnered more than 3 million YouTube views.

She's happy. Why can't you be?
Rebecca Black/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Where were you when you first heard "Friday"?

Were you at the office, fiddling with a spreadsheet, when the divine autotones of Rebecca Black brightened up your day?

Were you at a party hoping, wishing that something would go right for once?

Or were you one of those menacing, envious souls who, the minute you heard it, decided to post some nasty comment online to show just how phenomenally big you are?

Black recorded the song when she was 13. Despite it being an iTunes hit, she was subjected to some of the vilest online abuse imaginable.

In truth, there was nothing so bad about the song that isn't so bad about a thousand cheery anthems to freedom, justice, and the American way.

Somehow the Internet's mob decided that she should be the target.

Sensibly, Black let her Web fame die down. However, this weekend she is back with a follow-up song. You will be stunned into a life of dizzy silence when I tell you the new song is called "Saturday."

Yes, it's another anthem to enjoying life before global warming melts us, our own greed devours us or the aliens have had enough of our reality show.

You might even see it as a gentle mockery of her own first effort. (See video below.)

It is, however, no worse than "Friday." If you didn't know who performed it, you might mistake it for many an aspiring American Idoler or Simon Cowell-manufactured teeny wonder.

Naturally, commenters on YouTube are already beginning to have their say. Oddly, there seem to be quite a few compliments.

Sample from someone claiming to be Tony Danza: "Meh, not bad I guess. I'd probably sit through it if it came on the radio (after wondering who the hell changed my channel)."

"Saturday" currently enjoys more than twice as many thumbs up as down.

May she live long and prosper. May she also sing about Sunday.