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Vinylify makes individual record pressings affordable (Tomorrow Daily 231)

Ashley and Khail discuss a new service that hand cuts vinyl records on demand, a first-person shooter that made its debut on Chatroulette and a robot attempting to learn how to make pancakes. #TDAlbum

We've always loved the idea of giving a custom record to a significant other. It seems so retro and romantic, doesn't it? Unfortunately, the cost of getting a one-off vinyl record cut made it difficult to do; the good news is, there's a company out there called Vinylify hoping to bring down the cost dramatically. Professing our love on vinyl is now within reach! There are a few caveats, though, so if you're hoping to make a 10-inch mix album, you might want to pay attention.

A British filmmaking crew found an incredibly creative way to tell a narrative with an interactive audience: they used Chatroulette to connect to unsuspecting "players," who were able to control a hero trying to survive a zombie invasion on his end. First-person survival horror in real time? Bravo.

RoboHow is an interesting robotics project hoping to use the text instructions on WikiHow to teach robots how to complete tasks. Instead of programming a robot to perform a set series of actions, RoboHow lets robots "learn" a process step-by-step, so it can recognize if it needs to move to reach for an item, or see what it's picking up and decipher if it's time to use that object or not. All we want is for the robot in the video to flip that pancake it's trying to make!

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231: Vinylify makes individual record pressings affordable

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