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Vine Flow lets you browse Vine videos on Android

Android users have been left in the dark when it comes to Vine, but with this simple Android app, they can now browse Vine videos on the go.

If you're an Android user who has been wondering what all the hype over Twitter's Vine app is about, you're in luck. A new Android app called Vine Flow allows Android users to browse Vine videos on their device. But there are some pretty big drawbacks to the app. Currently you can only browse the latest videos uploaded to the service, or search for a specific hash tag. You can't upload a video yourself, log in and view a timeline, or even navigate to a specific Vine feed.

The video above gives you a brief rundown of the app and its limitations. If you want to give Vine Flow a try, you can download it from the Play Store for free.

You may notice that the ratings and reviews of the app are pretty bad, but in my experience, as well as that of AddictiveTips (where I originally discovered the app), the complaints are a little overblown. I haven't had the app crash on me at any point. Your experience may differ.